Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big Smiles

The girls were really smiley at Breakfast the other day and I just had to get their pictures taken! Ava has this new thing she is doing where she squints her eyes and smiles really big. It reminds me of the "Chandler" smile from Friends - if anyone remembers what that was! It is making for interesting pictures as she thinks that she is smiling really nice when she looks really goofy!

Before I forget, big thank you to Aunt Angela for the clothes you sent this past week - super cute stuff that I will try to get pictures of on the blog. Ava continues to grow out of her clothes and we find ourselves having to remember that she just turned two. Ava has been having fantastic success with the potty - yesterday using it 4 times!!! She only went once in a diaper!!!!

Ella is 7 months old today and such a cutie. She is growing too - already wearing some 12 month clothing and attempting to crawl. She gets up and is moving her legs forward, but her arms haven't coordinated their movements for complete forward motion. I am in no hurry, but she is!! :)

We have had a big weekend so far and will be posting pictures from Lark Toys tomorrow. Uncle Anthony made a visit today - he hasn't seen the girls since Christmas! It is a really neat place and somewhere we will be going again soon.

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Angela M. said...

Evening! :D
Awww.. you're so welcome! I'm so glad that they are able to wear the clothes and approve of them! :)

Beautiful pictures!! Smiles hehe