Friday, May 1, 2009

Where have we been?

We had a wonderful trip to the cities to visit Melissa and Jeff and Ronnie - he rolled for the first time while we were there. Ella really liked her little playmate! It was wonderful visiting such good friends!
Easter came and went. Ava found Easter eggs that Grandma hid in the front yard - fun, fun, fun! We went to the see the Easter bunny and Ava decided that she likes the Easter bunny from far away - not so much up close!
Ella is now crawling/scooting and rolling all over the place. She will soon have two more teeth for a total of 4! And she is insisting on feeding herself which makes mealtime that much more messy!!
We are excited to get the girls out for bike rides in another month or so when Ella can better support herself in the bike trailer. Kevin and I are really liking our new bikes too.

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